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What are Software Development Tools?

Software development tools are a suite of tools that allow you to create a specific software product. The software development process includes several activities including requirement analysis, specification, software architecture, implementation, testing documentation, training, support and maintenance. Software development tools include a plethora of other tools to assist an iOS developer and other developers through various stages of the development process for apps and software.

These tools include:

  • Agile Development Tools – There are several great software development tools, but agile project management tools allow you to develop high quality working software consistently. Originally created by 17 IT developers in 2001, Agile in its simplest form provides IT teams with a lightweight framework to deliver software that is accurate and in accordance with specific business needs. Agile software development methods promote adaptive planning, early delivery, continuous improvement and encourage rapid response to changes. Agile software development includes several methodologies including Scrum, DSDM (Dynamics Systems Development Method) and XP (Extreme Programming), and which agile methodology to use will depend on your individual project requirements.

  • Application Development Tools – Owing to the increasing adoption of mobile devices, it is imperative for your business to be accessible on all platforms. Application development tools are an essential range of tools for any iOS app developer or other developer looking to delve into the world of application development. Some of the best uses and examples of web application development are online training, net banking, ecommerce/shopping cart applications, online forums, blogs, interactive games and content management systems.

  • Bug Tracking Software – Also known as defect tracking system, issue tracking system is a range of tools/software that detects and keeps track of software bugs in software development projects. Bug tracking software is a critical component of any software development architecture, and using it consistently is one of the noteworthy characteristics of promising IT Company that focuses on quality and visibility during development cycle.

  • Build Tools – This range of software development tools are utilities that automate the creation of software, and are generally used when building a new version of the program. Build tools automate several tasks including running tests and deployment to production systems.

  • Creative and Design Tools – One of the best things about software development is the freedom to explore different designs, and creative and design tools allow you to do just that. This set of tools allows iOS developers and other web app developers to explore the design space of possibilities and choose the right design that closely matches client requirements.

  • Debuggers – These software development programs are used to test and debug other programs to fix the faults in them. The most common steps performed during the debugging process include examining flow of control, values of variables at different points, and examining the function call sequence.

  • Diagram & Wireframe Software – Diagrams and wireframes are a great way to begin software development projects, and simply put indicate placement of elements in a user interface and show the intended layout and functionality of a solution. They are not to be confused with other graphic design features such as typography, colors or images, but rather aim at answering questions regarding the elements that will be displayed in the UI, the organization of elements and the user interaction with the application/website.

  • Mobile App Development Tools – Just like the name suggests, this range of software development tools are used to develop software for handheld and mobile devices. These applications are generally delivered as web applications or come preinstalled at the time of manufacture.

  • Modeling Tools – Generally used by designers to help the design of software, modeling tools or model testing tools generate test inputs or test cases from a specific model or diagrams. Dubbed as test design tools, they aim to verify models of the system or software such as checking consistency of data in a database.

  • Source Code Management Systems –SCM software provides coordination and services between members of a software development team so that team members do not write over each other’s changes, and only the new versions of files are used in the workspace.

  • Templates – Templates are used to help clients and software developers estimate the costs of a proposed software development project. Fields in a software development template include customer interview, feature specification and status meeting.

  • Testing and Optimization Tools – This range of tools is a way to reduce errors, maintenance and overall software costs. In addition, they help optimize risk coverage by reducing the number of test cases, and even manage test data by providing a comprehensive suite of capabilities.

  • Usability – Using this set of tools is probably the best way to gauge how real users use your application or website. It refers to evaluating software by testing it with a range of usability testing tools.

  • Version Control Software – Also referred to as revision control, version control software is basically the management of changes to computer, programs, documents, software, etc.

  • Virtual Machines Solutions – These solutions provide you with access to more than one operating system because not everyone can afford multiple computers due to financial or space restraints.

  • Web Design Tools – The quality of your website depends on the tools you use, and how you use them. Using the right web design tools is essential to creating your best and most efficient website.

  • Web Load Testing Tools – This range of tools offer a rich set of capabilities to boost productivity and flexibility in your software development project.

Why does your Business need Software Development Tools?

Software development is a complex task without the right tools. If you’re a business looking to increase your productivity with the right software, then using software development tools is an option. The range of IT tools is relatively simple programs that can be combined to accomplish a rather complex web design project. Software development tools allow you to achieve several objectives, most notably:

  • Cost Reduction – They can significantly reduce your workload by reducing the resources needed to complete your software development project. Adding to this, software development tools also allow you to become more involved in the development of the software, and communicate directly with the developer to let them know exactly what you have in mind.
  • Ability to make Changes – Software development tools allow you to be more sustainable and flexible in that they allow you to make changes to your software as your business grows.
  • Improve Performance – When you improve performance, you’re going to increase profits and your revenue drastically. By creating unique software with the right software development tools, you will put your business a few steps ahead of your completion.

How to Peruse Software Development Tools App Reviews?

Although selecting the right software development tools can’t guarantee success, using the wrong software and iOS developer tools can spell disaster. Contrary to popular belief, there’s no one size fits all with IT development tools, and what works for you may not work for others. The 5 key elements of a software development process are version control, configuration management, continuous integration, deployment and monitoring.

When choosing the right software development tools, the two biggest questions you need to answer are what type of software are you looking to create, and who will be using the IT development tools. First thing to consider is the ease of use, owing to the fact it is critical in the productivity of the software engineer. Next, it is important that the software development tools you choose seamlessly manage and process requirements.

Vendor support is equally important, and you must ensure the vendor of the software development tools is able to provide comprehensive user guides and timely updates and training. If you have a team, then you should evaluate their learning curve while using a specific software development tool because some may be more easy to use than others. Cost of software development tools is another factor to ensure it fits within your company’s budget.  

The list of software development tools available today is rather extensive, making it overwhelming to get the right tool for your project. Don’t cut corners and reduce your losses by calling us for trusted and FREE advice at 1-888-SOFTWARE.