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What is Featured Customers?

Featured Customers is a one-stop shop for organizations of all sizes looking to increase productivity and revenue through one of your business solutions.

We are the largest customer reference directory in the world focused on helping businesses of all sizes to find the right business software by reading thousands of customer reviews (testimonials, case studies and customer videos), connecting with current users, connecting with prospective software providers, and calling our free 1-888-SOFTWARE recommendation hotline.

What makes Featured Customers different from the rest of the software directories?

We realize that while you are facilitating automation and streamlining workflows, you are first and foremost providing a service. That’s why our focus is on sharing your customers’ positive experiences in true context of their business use cases. We not only share the stories of your satisfied users but we put it in context by allowing your prospects to read case studies and testimonials from similar companies and industries as well as watch customer videos of you best clients endorsing you.

Featured Customers is the largest software directory for testimonials, case studies, and customer videos. Make it work for you!

It’s all in the numbers.

145,917 Software Reviews
54,007 Case Studies 78,517 Testimonials 13,393 Videos
All from 86,441 organizations actively looking for your business solutions!

We don’t want you to miss out on gaining access to qualified software leads, so contact us today!

How can you take advantage of Featured Customers?

1. Claim your profile or create a new one

We recognize that you are the best to introduce your service to your future customers. That’s why we want to let you retell your story in your own words and to reorder your customers’ stories in the best way you see fit. We are also working hard to be the most thorough software directory for customers.

2. Gain Qualified Leads

As part of taking your prospects through a software discovery journey, we connect with them and learn more about their needs and qualify if they are good prospects for you.

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