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SuperBreak utilizes these 4 vendors


User Replay’s session replay technology lets users understand and analyse every visitor’s journey through a website. For e-commerce companies this is invaluable as it enables them to improve conversion rates, find and fix site bugs, resolve customer… See More


SaleCycle’s solutions enable companies to improve their entire customer journey – from the moment someone lands on their website for the first time, all the way through to following-up purchases in style. With offices in the USA, UK, France and… See More


RedEye was born in 1997, and have been developing great technology solutions to empower your marketing strategies ever since. All RedEye products are driven by a unique database that combines all customer data – online and offline – into a single… See More

Brass Agency

Brass Agency is a special kind of marketing agency that exists to design and deliver amazing consumer experiences for regional, national and global brands. They bring together brilliant minds across acquisition, content and UX to create unique ideas… See More