Keeping track of a project throughout its evolution is never a simple task. There are so many angles to watch from and enough critical elements to stay on top of that the endeavor can quickly become a bit overwhelming, even for the best of managers. This issue is often compounded when a project is being tackled by a one-man show.

If you are working on your own to set up a new business, then you surely know how hectic things can get. You may have heard talk of project management software here and there; something that could relieve your workload substantially and get your venture back on track, but most of the options available are compiled to serve full-fledged corporate uses. For lone wolves in the business world, the options are often slimmer.

However, there are actually plenty of great options to choose from for solopreneurs to get the essentials for management and much more. In this article, we will go over a few of the absolute best software options for the one-man workforce to make use of and the great features they have to offer.


This option is best suited for IT professionals. The many features that come with this suite can easily help you to tackle any of the common issues that tech companies often run into once a project is underway. Delegation features may not be of any real use to a strict solopreneur, but billing utilities and workflow optimizations are. With Autotask’s incorporated project management features, you can completely automate your workflow as you see fit – tracking prominent and profitable events before, after and as they unfold.

Autotask’s other offered features provide for numerous other important business management necessities. Time and billing features include automatic contract completions (with accurate time/expenses) and customizable invoices (alterable by customers as well). Reporting options are powerful too. You can even track all relevant aspects of your business’s performance with real-time alert functions.  


This company’s suite of tools is admittedly optimized for team applications and settings. However, there are so many excellent features to account for in their offer that fit perfectly together as a great project management set for solopreneurs that it would be foolish to discount them as a whole. Starting with the intuitive task management interface – where you can quickly set and assess upcoming or ongoing tasks, the full suite of tools branches out into all of the primary aspects of business management.

Through the sectioning feature of the interface, you can completely structure your ideal workflow. Prioritization functionality allows for a to-do list type of feel to be achieved as well – further streamlining your workflow and style. The allowance of guests within the system provides secure access for collaborators and partners to get involved as well. 


Cora offers a diverse range of professional project management toolsets. Each of their offerings should carry some appeal for a specific field or goal set. The intuitive project management tools that they offer are capable enough to accommodate heavy workloads and constant use. From integrated financial management features to proactive issue management tool sets, this system has it all.

Cora’s ProjectVision offering, in particular, boasts of sophisticated resource planning capabilities for proper scheduling and progress tracking for your ongoing projects. This specific set of utilities also comes with powerful dashboard capabilities for the best in dynamic project visualization and a comprehensive reporting/analytics engine to bring the power of data into the picture without the typical additional cost.    

Flying solo as you build your business and professional future is tough work. It can be a godsend to have well-designed tools to work with that can automate the technical and redundant facets of business and project management for you. Thanks to recent developments in corporate and professional technology and software options, you no longer need to shoulder the full administrative burden of a growing business alone, even if you are working on your own. The options that we mentioned above (and plenty others) handle all sorts of pivotal administrative tasks with ease and empower you in ways you may not have anticipated.

We urge you to get a closer look at the software that we have touched on in this article to determine which project management solution can fit your unique solopreneur style best.