Communications technology has clearly come quite a long way since the time of the early radio transmission – allowing for a level of communicative immersion that was all but incomprehensible just a few years ago. The introduction of live chat applications and web-based chatting platforms took things even further.

Now, live chat options are actively being incorporated into a number of professional formats for businesses to make use of in a variety of interesting and useful ways. However, it can be a bit distressing and more than a little disconcerting to determine which chat programs are most suitable for your company’s needs with all of the diverse options that are available crowding the market.

Hopefully, this article will help you to cut through the crowd and obtain the right solution for your needs by giving you a clear idea of what to look for.

Following, are the most important aspects of a live chat program for you to consider when making a decision on one for your business.


Communication avenues between your sales team members and your company’s customers should be easy to access and, generally, simple to use. The customer-facing portion of the program that you choose to implement within your business’s communications designs should definitely be streamlined and intuitive for people to make use of. Otherwise, you risk running off perfectly viable business prospects and even loyal customers with a system that they are uninterested in braving to get in contact with you.

Making sure that your chosen system is simple enough to utilize without previous knowledge of it, at least on the client side, should keep conversations moving.


The speed with which your chosen live chat program functions dictates the capacity with which you will be able to respond to your clients’ questions through its interface. If the chat tool that you choose is a part of a local platform, then make sure that it will be lightweight enough to meet your expectations and those of your customers. In the case of your chosen solution being hosted on the cloud or provided as a cloud service, then you should definitely check to be sure that speed will not be likely to grow into a hindrance down the road.  

Automation Options

It is important to consider the role that automation could come to play in the daily chat efforts of your team members and personnel. Live chat programs that offer automation functionality suitable for your needs should definitely take precedence over the rest. There are numerous aspects of this particular communication option that can (and in most cases should) be automated, such as timed greetings of site visitors and formatting elements.

In addition to basic automation of functions, more complex uses of automation could be on offer as well. Some live chat programs even have automation options available to deliver special messages to clients after hours.

Flexibility/Integration Options

Integration might not be the first aspect that comes to mind when you first consider the overall utility of a live chat solution; however, it is extremely important to have a good understanding of what your chosen platform will allow you and your team to accomplish. Does it integrate well with your established web portal? Is it capable of merging collected data with a business intelligence tool? Can it accommodate the personal data of your sales reps that you already have stored in another sales platform?

All of these questions are incredibly important for you to answer if you are hoping to get the most out of a live chat program.

Communication is key in business, regardless of whether it is between sales representatives and clients or amongst members of the same staff. Allowing for more convenient forms of discourse to be utilized whenever and however possible is an absolutely fantastic way to improve your company’s operations.

Live chat programs represent an excellent opportunity for your organization to up its efficiency without incurring substantial financial losses in the process. Since chatting applications and tools are already so familiar and established amongst nearly all portions of the consumer base, they can serve as extremely effective alternatives for all levels of customer service and customer-to-company communications. Additionally, there is a very real chance for you to drastically lower your company’s communication costs through the inclusion of this type of system.

If you are interested in finding a great live chat platform or tool to integrate into your business’s operations scheme, then you should definitely look into LiveChat or Intercom.