Managing equipment and production facilities can be quite difficult in today’s modern production environment. Were it not for the advent of software specializing in the management of these kinds of industries, business owners would possess few viable options to effectively direct these complex areas of their organizations.

The intricacies of such a major aspect of any modern production company have grown far more difficult to navigate with certainty without the right tools. In this case, the best tools to assist business leaders in such a difficult process of administration are quality facilities management software packages made specifically to help optimize this procedure.

Facilities management solutions give you back the control you need over the equipment and materials you intend to maintain. There are plenty of fantastic options available for you to choose from in terms of specific software package providers, but there are a few major things that you are likely looking for software to assist you with.

Facilities management software should all possess a few core features that most business owners are interested in utilizing. In this article we will go over a few of the most important features that facilities managers want in their chosen management solutions.

Top 5 Features Your Facilities Management Software Should Contain

1) Inventory Management

Keeping track of your company’s inventory when it comes to necessary parts for your machines is not only difficult, it is also absolutely essential. You need quality parts to be on hand at all times, but managing a large inventory is a hectic effort, to say the least. With facilities management software, you can actually address this problem directly with specialized apps that simplify the inventory management process substantially.

Emaint offer this type of functionality in their software package. Their offer incorporates purchasing of new parts within the software and even allows you to keep detailed supplier information on file as well. 

2) Preventive and Predictive Maintenance

Getting proactive in terms of equipment maintenance used to be impossible, but now there are a number of exceptional options for accurately monitoring all of the aspects of your facilities and machines that could require maintenance should they start to falter. Facilities management software can now keep track of your machines through a number of integrations and populate your platform dashboard with vital data, updated in real time.

3) Equipment Asset Management

This type of functionality gives business owners a means by which to establish the importance, in hierarchical terms, of each of their major pieces of equipment. You can assess all of the past procedures performed on vital pieces of equipment in terms of longevity, etc. as well. This makes for a much better perspective of what needs to be improved immediately and what can be set aside for later.

4) Reporting

Creating detailed reports of all of the collected data present in the chosen facilities management solution is a much sought feature as it dramatically improves the usefulness of the gathered information. This data can then be imported into other software systems and used to assess things like global company costs/expenses and overall system performance, among many other things.

5) Scheduling (for maintenance)

Maintenance simply cannot be done in a business environment without the use of an accurate scheduling resource. This is absolutely imperative for business owners to take into account as it enables them to manage maintenance scheduling in full from a single place without causing conflicts with production schedules in the process. Obviously, this is a very desirable feature for your chosen facilities maintenance software to offer.

A few more things for you to consider:

With the above features, your chosen software package will surely optimize your management efforts and allow you to properly direct the operations of your business more easily. Management of facilities and equipment is a very serious task to undertake and should only be trusted to the most competently fashioned software to ensure the highest level of safety and effectiveness at all times.

Regardless of the type of software that you choose to acquire and employ in your own business’s operations, you should definitely not forget to take sufficient time to thoroughly acquaint yourself with it and its settings. Most companies that offer quality software will not hesitate to provide you with the right training materials and support so that you can learn the system quickly and get back to managing as soon as possible.

Facilities management software can make a great difference in the way you manage your business as a whole, so it pays to consider whether or not the particular system that the software itself encourages suits your preferences and your business plan. Make sure you take a look at quality software like Emaint and Facility Dude if you are considering making use of this kind of functionality.