Business intelligence software helps to drive improvement efforts in organizations of all sizes. Proper usage of high-quality BI solutions is proven to assist dramatically in any business-building efforts you may be interested in taking on. Absolutely any aspect of your business’s management and operations can benefit from the insights gleaned through the use of sophisticated business intelligence.

BI software allows you to drill deep down into the core of any ongoing business practices within your company and extract from them the raw data that is currently holding your business back from its next milestone.

There are numerous reasons to get into this modern practice of utilizing powerful BI software to back up your important decisions. However, it is not always evident precisely what type of business intelligence software you need to fuel your organization’s innovations most effectively.

This article’s primary aim is to assist you in identifying and securing the ideal BI solution for your business’s needs. We will go over a few of the most important aspects of business intelligence software you will need to consider to land a keeper for your company.

Intended Use

Not all business intelligence software tools are built in the same way. In fact, rarely are two different BI software options even remotely similar outside of them both technically being business intelligence software in the first place. The differences between individual BI software solutions can be varied, but the most noticeable differences are those of their intended uses.

Where one solution may have been designed to help companies provide end user-level self-service to their clients, another may have been compiled for the express purpose of drilling into every single data source on a company’s network and delivering top-down views of the data therein. 


This has nothing to do with the physical location of the creators of your chosen business intelligence software, nor the current location of your business or team. In fact, location, in this case, is nothing if not a little misleading. We are referring to the digital location of the system or tool itself. More specifically, the presence of your chosen BI software implement on a traditional server system or a cloud based one.

It is always important to carefully consider the manner in which you are hoping to utilize your business intelligence software and how its location on either a physical server structure or a virtual, cloud-based architecture can drastically alter its usability for your intended purposes. Birst, for example, resides on the cloud and can blend data sources dynamically because of this.

Integration Options

Business intelligence software should have plenty of potential integration options for you to make use of. There is little “intelligence” that you can hope to gain from a program or suite with no way of accessing your company’s critical systems. Built in integration can serve as open doors to powerful new uses for your company to take advantage of, but a lack of integration that you can actually make use of will never further your business’s development. For instance, BIME Analytics comes with native integration support for Salesforce and Zendesk.

Data Source Capabilities

This is similar to the integration issue in that a lack in this department severely limits your capabilities with the software. Essentially, the more types of data sources that a particular BI software option can support and pull data from, the better. If your chosen solution can drill its way deep into any of your business’s data stores and extract relevant data for you to analyze, it will be of much more use to you than a solution with limited access to these same data stores.

Through the consistent use of BI applications, you can effectively guarantee the steady improvement of your business over time. Business intelligence lends you the kind of assurance you hope to have when making game-changing decisions on an organization-wide scale.

As we have covered throughout this article, there are plenty of important factors for you to consider as you search for the perfect software. Additionally, upon securing the right software, you should not forget to keep a clear idea of the goals that you are hoping to achieve in mind as you drill into the various facets of your business.   

If you are looking for top-tier solutions in the business intelligence area, then it will probably serve you best to consider the options that we touched. Take a closer peek at them to get to know their additional features.