The depth of the marketing process is surprising to many who are new to it – possessing numerous complexities that are challenging to solve and even more difficult to optimize fully. In marketing, there are so many factors that can be taken into account to help in the decision making process when it comes time to develop a fresh campaign that the sheer diversity of data can put off business owners from diving as deeply into it as they should. Approaching such data stores empty handed can make for endless headaches and very little headway.

Thankfully, there are a number of extremely useful platforms and systems on the market that are particularly suitable for this type of work. These platforms simplify and streamline the marketing process by helping you sift through mounds of data, piece together a winning strategy and implement it; all in one place. It is this group of systems that we will briefly delve into within this article so that you might glean some insight into the specific manner in which they help to support your marketing decisions.

Following, are the four main tenets of the well-known marketing mix and the specific manner in which certain marketing information systems work to streamline their implementation in real-world situations.


Simply advertising a product as far as the eye can see has been a marketing staple for years, but with the advent of wide-range internet access and global coverage, the scope and accuracy of such a tactic are increasingly difficult to work with. Trying to reach anyone and everyone that you possibly can with an ad for your service is a ridiculously inefficient marketing method online that yields suitably poor results overall. Thankfully specialized technology can help with this.

Adestra is a unique service that assists you in building a more personalized marketing experience than the one size fits all approach that is typically employed. You can answer the most pertinent question that the product stage of marketing requires you to answer (“What does your customer need from your business?”) through intelligent automated emails. Adestra’s targeted emails are data-driven, so they deliver on more fronts for each customer than a simpler message could – making your company stand out from the crowd as a relevant source of solutions.


Establishing a reasonable price point goes far beyond your profit margin. Depending on the situation, a higher price could be more reasonable to your customers than a lower one – helping them discern better services from mediocre ones quickly. However, understanding what drives price perceptions can get tricky; you need to know what consumers are looking for in your sector.

Bright Edge supports this aspect of your marketing process by providing you with a global analytical tool by the name of Data Cube. The data cube gives you actionable insight into both the content demands of your audience and the specific intent they have upon interacting with said content. Cross-referencing such valuable information with price points can put you in position to set your own much more accurately.

If you want to skip the cross-referencing, then awesome solutions like Baremetrics are probably your best bet. Baremetrics delivers tons of useful information, but works in tandem with Stripe.


Determining precisely where convertible consumers will be able to see your ads the most is no simple task. You need to know the exact sites and digital spaces they frequent on the web to really make your marketing strategy stick. This is best accomplished with the help of software built for the task.

Options such as Amobee are excellent for delving deep into relevant insights and can paint a clearer picture of consumer interactions for you. However, making use of global content networks like the one offered by Cision can be far more effective than mere insights – giving you a chance to get your content directly to your intended audience automatically.


The primary concern when it comes down to promotion is the avenue. This differs from the place portion of your marketing mix in that a new avenue can target the exact same location, yet reach a completely different user base. Getting to the users you really want to reach is the trick and, like the entire marketing process, this can be optimized through the use of software.

Bizible provides the kinds of insights that can aid this portion of your marketing process – unifying information from all of your established avenues and sorting out the best options for you to focus in on.

As can be seen above, the marketing process of any company can benefit quite significantly from the use of a quality marketing information system. All aspects of the marketing operation come into play and are taken thoroughly into account in the design and functionality of most MIS, so you can rest assured that your company will have all the tools needed for excellent management of marketing resources and efforts upon adopting one. Keeping the types of decisions and issues that you are likely to face during your campaigns in mind can help tremendously, as well, when you set out to acquire a system for your business.

Feel free to check out any of the systems mentioned in this article to determine if they can reasonably accommodate your company’s unique requirements and interests.