A business’s IT department handles all aspects of its digital systems and data management processes – furthering the company’s evolution through electronics and powerful software development. As important as this is to the continued welfare of an organization, IT departments are all too often stuck with insufficient tools and poor platforms through which they can hardly manage the information they need to drive their innovative efforts. Saddling your IT personnel with crippling debilitations in the form of legacy asset and inventory management solutions can halt their progress significantly – slowing that of your company as a whole along with it.

The solution to this pressing issue is simple enough; grant your IT team members the tools that they need to efficiently and effectively keep up with pertinent system information and uphold proper collaboration amongst themselves. Just as software enables business owners to better manage their own time/resources and achieve far more than what was previously a possibility, so too do these types of solutions; albeit, with a marked emphasis on the financial/purchasing needs of your tech department. This is the basis of this particular article. The digital assets and electronic inventory that your IT department must properly manage are worth more than you may have thought.


A DevOps powerhouse suite that can fit any agile-minded development team perfectly, Serena comes fully stocked with the kinds of collaboration and asset management tools that allow IT professionals to innovate swiftly. With Serena, you can count on maximized visibility of complex DevOps production environments in clear, concise dashboards.

Get a quick, detailed look at all of the ongoing operations within your organization from the unified work center or utilize the Kanban view for an in-depth perspective on your team’s progress. There is even a backlog viewpoint for your team members to utilize if the other dashboards are too unfocused and a report center incorporated into the works, among many other excellent tools.


This system includes numerous features that would be well-suited for any team of service representatives, but the elements that set it apart for IT departments include an integrated IT help desk, workflow module and their sophisticated issue tracking tool. An IT help desk is imperative for more than customer support purposes.

Internal communication can be managed through such a system quite effectively as well. Workflows in an IT environment are often complex, to say the least. Issuetrak accommodates this with a workflow design system that is flexible enough to account for all manner of bifurcations in the design and testing process. As for actual issue tracking, suffice to say that this suite of tools is made with this in mind – providing all the power you could hope for in this area. Resources are actively taken into account here through automated issue auditing, etc.  


This solution, in particular, provides an intuitive alternative for remotely managing IT assets through the use of IP addresses, centralized passwords, and custom application dependency mappings. Basically, your company’s resources are managed securely by (and only by) authorized personnel at all times. Additionally, Device42 offers simple, powerful tools for the management of IT assets through the use of planning modules and QR codes.


Formerly under “Express Metrix,” the IT asset management tools on offer from Cherwell allow for the entirety of information regarding the spending on tools, equipment, licensing of software and other purchases to be centralized and, thereby, overseen more efficiently. From a single dashboard, you can get a complete view of all of the important info regarding equipment usage, expenses, etc. within your IT department. The asset management software on offer from Cherwell for IT professionals is designed to help reduce financial risks that originate from poorly planned licensing expenditures, IT overhead and software audits.

IT asset and inventory management play quite a role in the success of your company’s current digital efforts by providing your personnel with the means to ensure that designated spending is being utilized on things that are needed as opposed to being squandered on superfluous or outright unnecessary system elements. It is true that IT assets and inventory can simply be managed through the use of standard inventory management software; the kind of software that is not intended specifically for IT utility.

However, it goes without saying that such options will always leave plenty to be desired for such a setting – omitting pivotal aspects of the process that only matter within the scope of network devices and software system budgets. It is definitely best to equip your IT team with the management tools that they truly need than to withstand the fallout your business could incur from the use of deficient software in this area of operations.

Try out any of the options touched on throughout this article to see if they can get the job done satisfactorily.