Bitium specialize in optimizing your device and identity management efforts with a variety of utilities that are purpose built for the task. The utilities on offer from Bitium are the types that make identity and device management possible – enabling you to solve all sorts of common management issues from a single virtual location. The Bitium platform gives you everything you could need to keep access to your company’s assets under control and maintain awareness of the ways in which your networks are being utilized.

There are a number of good reasons for you to consider looking into Bitium as a viable choice for your business. With multiple processes in most modern business environments being managed entirely through the use of specialized software, more and more digital platforms are becoming vulnerable to attacks, breaches and system failures. As your organization’s users and staff connect to the systems you are providing, measures must be taken to ensure that their access points remain secure and that company information is kept safe. In this article, we will go over a few of the most important features that Bitium has to offer to aid you in this process and how your business can benefit from them.

Here are Bitium’s most notable features:

Single Sign On

Single sign on functionality is rising in popularity these days and for good reason. Eliminating unnecessary account clutter is extremely beneficial to your system. Apart from helping with user and access transparency, fewer accounts basically equal less entry points for exploiters to target and far less potential for security breaches through lost passwords, etc.

Reducing sign on’s is a step that would otherwise be utterly impossible to implement, regardless of its potential to eliminate vulnerabilities in your network. Thanks to tools such as the one offered by Bitium, your users can log in to a single dashboard and then enjoy one click access to every application you specify as accessible to them.

Password Management

Passwords are clearly the weakest link in most networks – often being far too weak to effectively stave off the interests of attackers and quickly being lost or forgotten by your employees. Password management addresses such problems and many more in a simple, accessible manner.

Bitium’s password management utility bundle is impressive and it targets all aspects of password optimization. From a password generating application to a quick, no-fluff password resetting tool that administrators can use on any user whose entry point is at risk.  

Directory Integration

With directory management in full swing, companies tend to underestimate the importance of extending their directories into the cloud. However, this actually the ideal option when it comes to identity management and overall threat reduction. Extending directories onto the cloud gives your IT team a way of seizing control of access points from a single location – enabling them to correct and reverse errors in the system as well as rectify user account complications from a single location as opposed to multiple, application-specific locations on disk.

Bitium’s offerings include automated account provisioning and de-provisioning as well as a scalable interface through which any number of applications can be managed in regards to user accounts and access points.

Reporting and Compliance

Real time usage reports tell you and your administrators everything you might be interested in knowing about your current users’ access patterns and general network activities. Actionable data allows for your company to proactively solve issues as and before they arise while simultaneously minimizing costs.

With Bitium, reporting is thoroughly handled through intuitive tools that deliver audit trails and compliant information automatically. Administration time is dramatically freed up on their system – giving you more time to actually resolve user issues and cutting back on time spent generating redundant reports.

How your company can benefit from Bitium:

Sheer simplicity is the name of the game with Bitium. Their tools are no-frill workhorses for the identity management aspect of every administrator’s job.

Costs can quickly be cut with Bitium’s offerings and administrator free time can be effectively boosted in the process.

Cyber threats face the hammer under the powerful regime that you can set in place through simple administration tools provided by Bitium.

Your end users will feel the relative simplicity of sign on’s and account management on an individual level as Bitium helps you to optimize their experience.

Things you should consider:

Bitium specializes in cloud-based identity management, so cloud integration is a must if you are looking to make use of their offered utilities properly.

You should factor in the initial identity input time before you get started with Bitium unless you are putting it in place right off the bat for your company’s network.

Bitium has enough features available to cover most identity and access issues your company may be facing in regards to its hosted or local networks. Keeping tabs on identity details and access security means making use of the types of utilities that Bitium bundle in their offerings to efficiently manage passwords, registration options and general reporting regularly. Be sure to take a closer peak at everything on offer from Bitium to make sure they can accommodate the needs of your organization.