The world of business management is seeing dramatic change at the moment. Thousands of businesses around the world are taking the plunge and opting for digital expansion as a means of accruing new customers.

Besides using software to aid in acquiring additional revenue, many companies are choosing software that can streamline and simplify their ongoing processes. Thus, numerous options have cropped up to help business owners out in a variety of ways.

However, it is not just commercial interests being catered to anymore. With the rise of a new generation of Church goers, comes the emergence of very special software solutions to help manage them.

Church management software is intended to be used for exactly what the name implies. Keeping track of the myriad complexities of the Ministry has become complex enough so as to warrant the creation of this type of software.

With Church management software, all of the most tedious aspects of Church maintenance can be handled, along with the communication elements that form the foundation for a strong and happy religious community. Church management software allows for an assortment of complex operations to be taken care of as well – all from a localized digital hub.

For those who may be looking to secure a reliable software suite for their place of worship, it is helpful to understand precisely what options are on offer. We will take an in-depth look at CDM+ and ThinkMinistry in order to determine what types of Churches would be best benefited by either of them.

First, we will define CDM+. Here are a few of the software options they have available:

  • Membership & Attendance – Managing your membership and attendance data through CDM+ is a reasonably straightforward and streamlined process that can be handled simply and easily thanks to excellent design concepts incorporated into the software itself. The layout allows for detailed manipulation of your members’ available data through a simple window. There are options for accessing data through a view that is quite reminiscent of a familiar spreadsheet. Emails can be sent directly from the interface to pre-determined recipients and all information within the platform can be recorded and analyzed.
  • Contributions – There are plenty of options in regards to contributions that come with CDM+’s software. Tracking and heavy analysis are available, along with prediction support options too. Data pertaining to contributions is represented in helpful charts and graphs when needed. Giving can be managed online too for added convenience. Even seasonal offerings and giving campaigns are considered and supported.
  • Accounting – Book keeping with CDM+ is well-supported by the accounting program option. Fees that are owed to you can be properly tracked and all payrolls can also be managed very efficiently.  
  • Facilities Management – CDM+’s manager for facility related information and issues (called Roommate) is a great way to keep track of all events and pertinent information regarding the premises of the Church itself and their availability. Scheduling is the most prominent feature on offer here and it allows you to easily keep track of everything that is in use and everything that is not. 
  • Event Registration and Check In/Check Out – This application in particular is of great importance when it comes to the management of children-specific services, etc. You can keep track of all check in’s with the level of detail and security you feel is best at all times. Those checking in can do so quickly on their own or with help from a staff member and responsible family members are notified of their safe arrival as well.

Now, for ThinkMinistry

  • Check In – ThinkMinistry has a powerful software option for managing Check In’s that allows for multiple labels to be applied for each person on arrival. This makes for a pretty versatile solution that is great for any situation that you may require to use it in (not just those involving children).
  • Mobile Tools – There are some excellent tools for you to use when it comes to mobility on offer from ThinkMinistry too. Their mobile applications give you a means of accessing any Church data you may need to work with regardless of your location.
  • Portal – Build a functional web portal for your Church to offer to your congregation with ThinkMinistry’s purpose-built portal software. Your Church’s giving can be managed online through this feature along with mission trips and other important events.
  • API – If you have the services of a qualified developer on hand, then access to the API behind the software on offer from ThinkMinistry can be exceedingly useful to them for custom Church app development.

These two software services share the following similarities:

Both of these options will empower your search with the kind of data tools that are used in businesses around the world, but will spare you the same focus that is best applied only to business settings.

These software solutions are made for Churches, not enterprises, and they will fit your Church operations well. There are multiple features on offer from both of these options that you can work with such as check in management and a means for handling online giving.

Here are their differences:

  • ThinkMinistry offers superior portal and check in options for Churches interested primarily in this kind of functionality.
  • CDM+ have a very powerful accounting solution that is perfect for your Church’s financial operations and management.
  • CDM+ also offer a great facilities manager to keep your events and rentals properly managed.

What you should consider:

You should definitely be sure to assess your Church’s specific needs before you make a choice in regards to software as either of these choices may cater to certain areas more than others.

Passion for the gospel is the heart of any true congregation, but quality management tools are definitely the brains of the institution. With the right system in place to help you keep track of all the important nuances of your Church, you can make more time for actual worship and connection with the many members of your faithful community. Both CDM+ and ThinkMinistry are great options to sample for use as management systems for your community so be sure to take a look at them.