Crafting documents for professional use and distribution can be a difficult process to manage with outdated software. Although the office suite on offer from Microsoft is always being updated, the feature set might not be what your company needs most. There are numerous changes solidifying in the corporate content landscape and necessitating the consideration of a novel approach to document creation.

Thankfully, there are a number of solutions on the market that can accommodate these changes and take your document creation/distribution processes beyond that which Word and other standard processors are capable of.

The solutions and functions that we will cover in this article are perfect for tackling the diverse needs of your growing company. These document creation solutions bring professional standards and modern requirements to the table for you and your staff to make use of. Read on to discover what each of the new features that these programs can offer your business are and how you can capitalize on them.

Automatic Document Generating

Simple word processors and document creation utilities are beginning to seem outdated as needs increase and flexibility becomes a much more important element to consider when it comes to such types of programs. Writing out individual files takes time, after all, and often enough, there is just not enough of it to spend on the manual creation of myriad redundant documents and forms. With many modern document creation solutions and utilities, automation options have been worked in to help with this issue – allowing for certain types of files to be automatically populated with pertinent data as per user specifications.

Flexible Creative Platforms

Flexibility is key to encouraging creativity in any situation. A creative platform that incorporates flexible document generation options to compensate for all sorts of difficulties that might arise in a professional environment is bound to be of value to many business types and industries. Flexibility is somewhat of a relative term, though, and can be perceived differently depending on the particular situation and needs. Adobe offers many features to guarantee somewhat universal flexibility – be it in terms of collaboration options or built in stock elements with the creative cloud.

Template systems

Templates make for faster project and file completion across the board. Through the use of templates, you can quickly sort out similar file types such as client profiles and daily reports without the typical amount of work that would be necessary for such a task. Templating functionality is a primary characteristic of many document generation platforms and utilities. In the case of document creation solutions like the one on offer from FPX, templates serve as a main component of the CPQ or ‘configure price quote’ utility’s feature set – giving sales reps and managers a vital time-saver to make use of throughout the sales process. Prices, client information and company details can be automatically filled out with 100 percent accuracy as needed, thanks to such a feature. 

Integrated Document Dispersal Solutions

It is not enough to simply have an office suite available for creating documents if the generated files are meant to be transferred to multiple recipients. File sharing and document dispersal options abound, but few offer the level of polish and professionalism that may be required to make a good impression.

This is precisely where integrated document dispersal solutions come into play as they can deliver on these fronts in a manner that is distinctly suitable for the corporate sphere. Conga offers a few features that serve such a purpose – catering to accurate delivery of contracts and reports when needed. Adobe, on the other hand, offers its creative cloud functionality to empower teams with the kind of data distribution utilities that they need to complete projects quickly and effectively.

Documents are constantly being generated within businesses for a very diverse range of needs and purposes. Likewise, professional documents are constantly edited and transferred back and forth as your business needs require. In such cases, it is important to have a document creation solution in place that can accommodate most (or, preferably, all) of your team’s needs as they arise.

Document creation solutions that get in the way of transferal between divisions, quick and detailed editing or any other aspect of the document creation process tend to slow things down more than can be reasonably tolerated – costing you money in the process. With more and more options making themselves known on today’s market to accommodate growing demands, there is no reason to saddle yourself with an outdated system. Give the solutions that were mentioned in this article a try if you are looking for something with a broad and intuitive feature set.