With companies making the major move to the cloud in droves and big data manipulation becoming the operational norm for a large portion of them, the dangers and potential negative impact of data loss have begun to skyrocket. Keeping files secure is no longer as simple as saving them to a hard drive and setting it in a drawer these days. With many companies pushing the limits of their data storage into the terabyte range whilst simultaneously demanding constant access to said data from a variety of clients and sometimes even an entire consumer base, more complex methods must be employed to back up the transitory information as it is generated.

Backup systems and document management systems have become necessities for any company on the international market (and possibly even on the local market) to properly secure and manage their moving files. Although there are plenty of reasons to back up your business’s data, you may not be acquainted with all of them. In this article, we will assess nine of the most important reasons you might want to consider getting proactive about your company’s backups and securing your data properly.

1) Document Sharing

When it comes to circulating documents amongst different divisions of your company and between relevant individual team members, having a system that caters specifically to distribution of data can work wonders. With a single backup of each of the files you are looking to provide access to, you can keep disparate and distanced staff members in the loop at all times and avoid unnecessary time losses.

2) Expedient Workflow

In terms of time losses specifically, thoughtful file distribution through the pointed use of universal backups can have a very dramatic effect on processing speed within your business. You can bring about a notable boost in speed in regards to collaborative company efforts reaching completion with the use of software such as Dropbox to facilitate file sharing and protect original source files in the process.

3) Transparent Workflow

This is as important in most situations as expedience is. Having files backed up and hosted for quick and safe exchange naturally allows for the creative process to be viewed and assessed much more easily as it is undergone. Transparency in a company’s workflow forms a huge part of successful management and keeps employees at peak performance levels more often.

4) Migrations

When it comes time to quickly and completely migrate your company’s files and processes over to a new data host, service provider or business location, having a cloud-hosted backup available for the task can completely enhance the process. Your migration will be taken care of faster in most cases and your files will be moved just the way you stored them in the first place.

5) Data Analysis

Analyzing inbound data for use in company strategizing can take forever. This is especially true if you have to jump from data source to data source in a mad effort to acquire all of the information that you actually need for your assessments. Having a localized backup of all the necessary data you regularly check out will cut chunks of wasted time from your schedule and free up your mind for the task at hand. In the case of automatic data analysis, having a single backup available invariably speeds things up just the same as the analyzing program can simply access a single file location to complete its job.

6) Financial Compliance

Staying compliant with all pertinent financial norms and obligations that may apply to you and your business is extremely important. This can be hard to do if half of the year’s financial files go missing overnight. Having all of your business’s vital accounting information and crucial transaction files backed up can only serve to help you in the long run whenever it comes time to consult the books.

7) Marketing Materials

As marketing campaigns are set in motion, many aspects of the direction in which they are headed and the specific materials with which your company is looking to garner positive attention mutate and evolve to better suite your needs in the current market environment. Backing up your marketing materials throughout the campaigning process ensures you will have plenty to work with once you find the best approach and that you will not lose any progress if you need to try out a previous media set.

8) Disaster Recovery

This is the most obvious reason to back up your company’s files, so it definitely deserves a mention here. If your files are all lost in a freak accident, your entire company could come grinding to a halt in an effort to restore them. This is, of course an unacceptable position to put yourself in and should, therefore, be avoided.

9) Consumer Expectations (Their Data)

This last reason has more to do with the end consumers than your staff or management division. If your business handles consumer data to any extent, then backups are essential to your continued success. Without the security of a solid backup in the odd case things go wrong, your clients’ information could be lost for good.

Backups keep your business’s vital data from vanishing without a trace. Digital disasters can take place in the blink of an eye and all of your information can be wiped out under the right (or rather, the wrong) circumstances. However, as long as you utilize proper backup practices and, of course, make adequate use of the right software for the job at hand, you can avoid most serious issues altogether with minimal downtime to boot.

Software providers such as Backupify and Carbonite offer excellent data securing services that can float your business through troubled digital waters time and time again. By automating these types of services, you can have an extremely secure system running without stressing out your IT team and you do not even need much of an investment to acquire such services as your company expands. Do not leave your data open to disaster; backup everything you can with a trustworthy document management system.