Productivity is a common topic of discussion among business owners, team managers and employees alike. The illusive optimal productivity level is a seemingly lofty goal pursued by many, yet reached by very few and hardly ever properly emulated. In our modern times of ever-increasing distractions and time-wasting temptations, it can be all too easy to forego the productive for the pointless. The issue even rears its head in cases where the task at hand is actually applicable to the business, yet is still sapping away at your overall productivity.

It is important to know which areas of business management and processing can and should be automated or optimized through software. The right management platforms and business utilities can save you hours at work – allowing you more time to focus on more pressing business concerns or even take some time off.  This post will discuss a few of the best ways to improve your productivity on the job and the software that can help you to do so.

Here are the best productivity hacks you can achieve with the help of specialized software:

Automate Innovation Management

Innovation is key to the prolonged success of your business. However, the objective, effective management of innovation within your company can bring your productivity to a grinding halt. Expedience is an integral factor to consider as well and should definitely not be taken for granted. Platforms such as Hype allow you to optimize your innovation management process through a simple, centralized interface. Hype, in particular, provides the means for you to incorporate useful perks like current global trend samples and high quality key performance indicator (KPI) reporting as well.

Simplify File Sharing and Collaboration

File sharing is a common concern for team managers looking to integrate staff members who may be on different schedules or in different locations. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to come up with a way to efficiently trade important files in a secure manner online and time can start to go to waste if tedious systems are used for this purpose. Egnyte is a great option to consider to help with this important task as it offers both security and mobility features that are in understandably high demand. You can use Egnyte to provide privileged access to all of your teams important documents and files without having to worry about the security of your company’s information in the process. Also, in terms of mobility, all major devices and OS’s are represented and supported – allowing your team members to get their content online or onto your local storage server from wherever they may be.

Optimize Order Processing

If you are in the retail business, then order processing for whatever deliveries you typically make can and should be optimized as soon as possible. Manually entering order information nowadays tends to create a major bottleneck in your daily business operations and should be avoided. Software options like Handshake are perfect for the business to business sector as they give you all of the necessary functionality to minimize your order processing time – allowing for far more time to be spent improving your business.

Upgrade Your Point of Sale System

Every retailer has a point of sale or “POS” system in place. Unfortunately, a number of retailers may feel a bit inclined to think of their “POS” as the other kind. A bad point of sale solution makes for a bad customer experience and a bad customer experience makes for a struggling business. Shopkeep and a number of other point of sale systems that are currently on the market lend retailers a hand by pushing the implementation of the POS into the 21st century. Shopkeep, in particular, does so by functioning primarily through intelligent integration with iOS and Apple devices – giving you the perks of mobility and modern ease of use without the hassles and stiffness of outdated systems.

Digitize Your Accounting Efforts

Accounting claims a special place on every business owner’s headache list – accounting, of its own accord, for the majority of stressful redundancies that must be taken care of on a daily basis. Taking your accounting process to the digital realm does more than simply free up your time for less mind-numbing activities, it improves upon the process and eliminates errors. Xero is a great and simple option to try out for this area of your business. You can count on all of the most important standard accounting features being available and it is perfect for integrating with your other platforms as it currently features over five hundred valid integration apps for you to choose from.

Centralize Your Marketing Process

Sumall is your best bet for bringing all aspects of your marketing process into a single location through powerful reporting. Regardless of the other myriad tools you may already be utilizing to push content onto your chosen network outlets, Sumall can keep tabs on your social strategies, discussions and mentions automatically. Centralizing your marketing process in this way makes for a far less confusing daily peak into the process; not to mention a more productive one too.

 Minimize Issues

Issues come in all shapes and sizes. In growing businesses, they can also come at you from all angles; from both customers and staff members. Issuetrak is great for taming such combustive situations as they occur – providing you and your team with a simple, central space from which logged problems can be managed properly and effectively.

As you can see, there are tons of quality utilities for you to try out that can greatly improve your workflow and drastically reduce errors. Some of the best productivity hacks help you not only to optimize your own operations, but also those of your employees and teams. All major aspects of your business can potentially benefit from the use of specialized software. Of course, you should only worry about procuring applications and services in areas that you feel your business could use a little assistance.

The takeaway here is for you to simplify as many redundant processes as can be deemed necessary within the framework of your company’s daily workload whilst simultaneously providing yourself and your staff with a means by which complex tasks can be managed in a manner that encourages team collaboration. For yourself as a business owner, any applications that cut down on total paperwork and/or processing time are excellent choices to consider, so long as they fit your budget well.