The advent of social media has brought about a new wave of marketing options for businesses both large and small. Touching base with diverse sectors of consumers of any industry has been made significantly easier to accomplish with social networking sites and tools. On top of this, most major social networks have largely acknowledged the utility they can offer to companies around the world and, thus, have set up special features that are intended to simplify the marketing process for business owners and public relations teams as much as possible.

Now, with the help of social media, a business of any size can influence any group of consumers without nearly as much difficulty and investment capital as would have been required of them in years prior. However, with the inclusion of social media in most serious marketing plans becoming an imperative, many companies are beginning to struggle to keep up with a growing number of social outlets. For this reason, a number of incredibly useful social media management tools have begun to crop up.

The many tools and suites that have surfaced are intended to simplify the complex task of marketing on social media even further than the individual social platform operators have managed to do. In general, bulk processing and posting functionality mixed with localization of disparate social network functions make up the basis of these new software offerings. There is no doubt that these systems can be of use to any modern business looking to reach further than local advertising efforts would allow, without breaking the bank to do so. However, many business owners are unsure as to what they should look for in a social media scheduling solution. On top of this, most marketing experts have their own interests and preferences in terms of relevant platforms that they prefer to make use of the most – making the inclusion of functionality for such a platform very important.

In this post I will take a look at 7 excellent choices to try out to manage your own social media marketing campaigns on the platforms you want to use the most.    


This platform is excellent for testing out your marketing strategies with features like A/B experimental testing as well as refining your global marketing approach for the best results. You can also count on Shopsocially having on plenty of reporting features and return of interest analytics to help you determine whether or not your advertising efforts are paying off. Campaigns can be painlessly scheduled to begin and end whenever you deem necessary as well so you can move on to the next step of your sales strategy. Targeting features appear to be on point on this platform as well – allowing for campaign sorting by demographic, age, location, device and more. To top it off, this platform facilitates the inclusion of mobile access to your content as needed for both you and your targeted consumer base.


Buffer is a prime option for social media content creation and scheduling. With this platform’s “Pablo” utility, you can create great images that meet the precise structural requirements for optimum display on each social network that you intend to post to. All other types of content can be uploaded to Buffer quickly as well – with videos receiving the same great treatment thanks to the system’s new inclusion of video files. Once uploaded, your content can quickly and easily be scheduled for the month, week, day and even time at which you would like for it to be posted on each individual social network that you intend to publish to. Overall, there is some great functionality here for businesses in need of a simple, yet powerful social media scheduling solution.


Everypost integrates social media automation/scheduling utilities with team management options, analytics and content creation tools to give you a complete content marketing suite. It is sure to appeal to any business looking to cover all aspects of their marketing process through the use of a single system. The analytics options and location-independent team collaborative accommodations are what set this platform apart.


Hootsuite can help you manage your social accounts on over 35 major networks without breaking a sweat – offering plenty of tools to cater to your every marketing need on a professional level. This platform boasts of excellent security, collaboration features and analytics options. On top of all that, Hootsuite offers some great utility by way of active listening tools to monitor discussions on your chosen social networks. There are also a ton of useful apps available for this system that can significantly extend its functionality as well.


Oktopost brings together all of the great features that you hope to have in a social media scheduling and automation solution, including automatic publishing for your content, social discussion monitoring tools and analytics to help you improve your campaigns. In addition to all of this, Oktopost also offers collaboration utilities for localized team management, content discovery features for exceptional curation performance and powerful programs for advocacy management to make consumer engagement with your company’s content deeper than ever. All in all, this platform is a great option to test out.


Socedo takes engagement a step further than most social media scheduling solutions do by emphasizing the relationship between your business and qualified leads on social media. Working with a workflow-oriented platform like Socedo gives you a chance to build stronger bonds on social media than other platforms would allow and convert a larger number of the people whose attention you’ve momentarily snagged into paying customers and avid advocates. Socedo can actively monitor not just your company’s activities and discussions but those of your leads as well – giving you a deeper view into their interests and a better chance of connecting with them.

Social Flow

Social flow gives you information on the precise moments at which your audiences are bound to be most receptive to the content you are looking to post to your chosen social networks. An intelligent analytical engine posts content you specify or upload at the right moment for maximum exposure based on information that you provide as to the demographic and user type that you want to engage. In this way, your content is optimized instead of simply being published.

Social media scheduling and automation is extremely important to take advantage of if you are looking to optimize the marketing process of your business for the modern social environment. By making use of the proper tool or suite, you can quickly accommodate all of the social network aspects of your marketing plan and move on to other aspects of your campaign as needed. Marketing teams can be especially empowered through the use of these types of solutions as well – quickly managing to accomplish established milestones and gain access to more powerful means by which they can infiltrate new network functions without having to build their own system from scratch.

If you are looking to include tools like those mentioned in this article in the ongoing operations of your business, then be sure to define your needs and the needs of your staff as clearly as you possibly can. In some cases, the best option could be to combine different options for a powerful hybrid effect.